The glass-glass module by KIOTO SOLAR is the premium alternative all applications and is suitable for both households and large-scale systems. The space between the cells is transparent. As a result, the module has a light transmission of about 15%. Glass-glass modules are also extremely durable thanks to their special glass composite system and are characterized by maximum resistance to environmental influences.

Product details

Option: Bifacial cell technology

Our 360° glass module catches the sun light on the front and on the back side of the module. The higher light efficiency increases the yield significantly. Thanks to the active module back side the 360° glass module can reach up to 360 Wp overall performance (310 Wp only front / 330-360 Wp thanks to 360° light irradiation).

More yield:

+10-20% additional yield: with low reflecting surfaces (e.g. tiled roof, glass), mounting distance max. 40 cm
+20-30% additional yield: with better reflecting surfaces (e.g. flat roof with grey foil, sand), mounting distance 40 cm – 1,5 m
30-35% additional yield: with high reflecting surfaces (e.g. snow), mounting distance min. 1,5 m