Glass-glass modules are characterized by their functional design, the beautiful appearance and their high durability thanks to the laminated glass technology. Therefore, glass-glass modules are not only suitable for normal PV systems or roofings but also for facades & building envelopes. Transform your house into a power plant for solar energy. While a plastered facade or a stone facade protects the house only against environmental influences, the energy facade continuously delivers energy and pays itself back.

Product details

Reduce costs

Compared to usual facade systems, the energy facade delivers free power from the sun. That means: the facade pays off. It delivers energy continuously and also protects the building from environmental influences.

Option: Coloured energy facade

It is possible to colour the energy facade in every desired colour. The PV structure is no longer visible. The energy facade is based on a module with mono crystalline cells. The top glass of the module can be coloured individually. The result: an energy facade with perfect design that delivers free power from the sun! The energy facade is available in different standard sizes and colours. Individual colours, dummy modules and special sizes on request.