KIOTO SOLAR's in-roof system is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to integrate histphotovoltaic system into the roof aesthetically. The frameless glass-glass photovoltaic modules fit perfectly into every roof. For border areas or near chimneys and roof windows there is a smaller format or edge plates so that the entire roof can be covered with photovoltaic modules. The installation is quick and easy with just a few components.

Product details


Our inroof system is very installation friendly. It is easy to handle with a format of 1 sqm. The system can be installed easily with only a few components. All components fit on a pallet. It has a modular set-up and can be expanded easily.

Extremely solid:

KIOTO SOLAR‘s inroof-system withstands extreme snow loads. Due to the fact that the modules are extremely stable and thus walkable, it is also possible to change modules one-by-one in case of service.