Our power module can be used for all applications. Whether you install it on a pitched or flat roof, for single or multi-family houses or for bigger applications: our universal genius is always the perfect solution.

Product details

Intelligent frame construction:

KIOTO SOLAR uses a frame with a tough construction and 40mm dimensions for its Power modules. The plastic edge
connectors of the frame have a homogenous design. Furthermore, they also bring considerable technical advantages.
The frame is designed without a drainage hole, so there is no risk of icing due to stagnant water. The glass fiber reinforced plastic corner connectors with UV blocker ensures this thanks to the integrated water drainage. Another benefit: thanks to the corner construction, there is no risk of injury to the operator and roof skin due to sharp-edged corners. For our Power modules, we only use the highest quality European components including a junction box,
which is particularly easy to maintain.